Expectations. .

Doubts kill more dream than failures do..



When someone asks the questions, who are typical MBA aspirants? Quintessential answer would be Engineers working in an IT firm. Crowd being the ascendency, we are insubstantial to think any different. We try to quell the nihilist. Having said that, I am not lofty, I am right in the middle of the crowd (not holding the yellow umbrella ;)), on a venture to be a bignig in shindig, promulgate my career, in the slugfest to add digits on the payslip. But, I want to learn to be in the middle of crowd,gibing through towards shore,waving at frenzy person sailing against the tide to build our own ship. Expectations from a bschool is often quite materialistic. And I am terrified if I will survive, if i do i expect it won’t be remnant, rather it’s be wringing knowledge to lead with potential of business Spartan. I expect to learn to be culpable, to make my mistakes a miracle. I expect to be leader who leads hoisted and billowing Indian business, in culminating India or I might end up with bankruptcy 😉 (after all it took great depression, world wars to create biggest economies in the world). Being an MBA aspirant I expect to enshrine my knowledge, to be the protuberance in crowd who dared to dream big.

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