Fight like a Girl!

Be brave enough to be a Woman!
Don’t tell someone be more like a Man! Don’t raise your girls as boys! Raise them as girls! Ask them to fight like girls! No need to be ashamed of feminism!
Embrace it with kindest of hearts and bravest of souls!
It’s not about equality, it’s about being proud to be a woman.
Most fiercest of women can take down the world in stilettos.
Stop shaming other women for being women!
Feminism is for brave!

Happy women’s day!


Not all Superheroes wear Capes

The old adage “To be entirely free of impact of law and totally be dominated at the same time, human has to follow the law” convey an perfect ambiguous message. The knee jerk reaction of human is to sail against tide, to fight the realm and the law. Even if laws were created in order to create a safe haven for human, to our dismay it defined a line between right and wrong. And placed some lionhearted shields to protect it and us from destroying peace, so as they call, and name them Soldiers and Police Force. 

The courageous acts of the soldiers and police men are beyond our praise or appreciation, may it be the night patrols letting us have warms beds or the sound of the siren echoing in the minds of criminals wandering in dark. The color of khaki brings out our true morals, reminds us law. We defined gentlemen-ship, but the only way to not be one was stopped by the red lights, badges of the soldiers, In their courage there is hope and fear which made us act human. May that be the firm hand of a traffic police stopping the crowd from crossing the red light, or the handcuffs that locked gregarious criminals. Evil is just below the hearts of civilization, these uniforms placate the frenzies beneath us. The badges, guns and the uniform walking with fearless hearts and echos of siren bring shivers before we cross line of law. Yes, we are gentlemen because of the lions in uniforms roaring in the name of the black lady with the balance and sword.

Morals, come from such that they hold authority over our actions, which we as humans are supposed to inherit. But the social and cultural impact define our morals. The rationalization of what should we do, never stopped us from creating chaos.(If it did, i think we would still be walking with four legs :P). No one can deny the pleasure we find in breaking laws to some extent, even though those were created to keep us alive. Obvious examples are wearing helmet and fastening seat belts, peevish laws is it?. Thousands of people would have died if not for us to fear those khakis and uniforms standing with fierce persona. The Corruption, murders, bank robbing, rapes and what not disarrayed behavior were stymied not because of the penal codes, rather cause of lathis and guns in holsters. The fear of them controlled our actions not the thought of doing wrong.Yet some people may defer from the concept, as they believe that reinforcing laws defined crimes which created criminals.

Subsidy or hoax?

Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love. Why Bilbo Baggins? Perhaps because I am afraid, and he gives me courage. #lordoftherings #quoting

The hoisted cost prices in market are aided whilst selling them to people is called subsidy, which is loss albeit business can’t persevere with loss but Government can. Hence-fore subsidy is succoring the business to reduce the prices in order to soothe the life of people of the country. Direct and indirect are two kinds in which for example petroleum price control, electricity, food subsidies such as PDS or availing it for free, agricultural subsidies such as fertilizers are direct subsidies and MNREGA , free education, Indira awash yojana, free drinking water availability etc are of indirect subsidy, The immediate benefits overshadows the real face of subsidy. It is instrument of fiscal policy. Straining the fiscal resources by aiding the public and private sectors rather than involvement of FDI and private sector investment curbs the GDP and leads to chronic extension in long-term and vexing the equilibrium of supply=demand chain.

Instantaneous benefits are the availability of service, competition in business as entrepreneurship will increase so the supply will increase, so the prices will fall. Boosting the public interest to hail the name of government.For example, employment of people for minimum 100 days with non-skilled manual work ballooned up number of jobs, but at the same time fomenting sluggishness and least daily wages even if for skilled work which led to inefficient use of skilled human resource. Placating the petrol price helped the public,the rich and mediocre, to persist in the lifestyle though the poor had no perks and still availing shabby public transport. The earmark of subsidies is never reached. Hydroelectric subsidy ushered energy but the farmers corps remained thirsty.Having mentioned that, the major revenue settling up these are tax revenue, monetizing debts, printing money and bad mortgages. When the tax payers emptying pockets subsequently the the demand decreases, production cost increases so does the prices. GDP growth decreases,for example recent declination of 8.5% to 7.7% after declaration of future service tax hike. Debt crisis  occurs for example Greece economic crisis caused due to misplaced subsidies and edifice of capitalization of money. Hitherto printing of money caused the most nefarious sector black money and inflation, as paying more for the same products will only increase the destitution of poor which the opposite of resolution of subsidy hence reliance put in the wrong place. The elucidation of subsidies may not solve the problem but nominating the impartial sectors might resolve it. For example free education, will boost up the skilled resource availability and employment of crowd under BPL, Adhara cards and ration card on the other hand is silver lining, apportioning the needy to avail the subsidized goods attain the true goal. Vitalizing  FDI and private investment in public sectors is another raison detre.

Notwithstanding using subsidies as a tool of political benefit to cultivate vote banks. The primary goal ought to be set to miniaturize poverty, kosher way to target the unprivileged , monetizing the private sectors. Subsidies are necessary but impersonating it as evil reliance on the manipulation deed. Agricultural, educational, production aids should not be curbed. Had the motive been to paralize the diminishing of poverty, subsidy would never be named as evil.

Expectations. .

Doubts kill more dream than failures do..


When someone asks the questions, who are typical MBA aspirants? Quintessential answer would be Engineers working in an IT firm. Crowd being the ascendency, we are insubstantial to think any different. We try to quell the nihilist. Having said that, I am not lofty, I am right in the middle of the crowd (not holding the yellow umbrella ;)), on a venture to be a bignig in shindig, promulgate my career, in the slugfest to add digits on the payslip. But, I want to learn to be in the middle of crowd,gibing through towards shore,waving at frenzy person sailing against the tide to build our own ship. Expectations from a bschool is often quite materialistic. And I am terrified if I will survive, if i do i expect it won’t be remnant, rather it’s be wringing knowledge to lead with potential of business Spartan. I expect to learn to be culpable, to make my mistakes a miracle. I expect to be leader who leads hoisted and billowing Indian business, in culminating India or I might end up with bankruptcy 😉 (after all it took great depression, world wars to create biggest economies in the world). Being an MBA aspirant I expect to enshrine my knowledge, to be the protuberance in crowd who dared to dream big.