The Voice called Intuition! ❤️

The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

So, that’s intuition? Isn’t it? A hunch, a feeling in one’s bones or sometimes it’s called suspicion. Some say it’s more powerful than intellect. It’s comes more inner self.

Why I am writing this? Because I needed to let it out myself, believe it myself so that I can follow my intuition? Mostly because I supposed to be in Northeast mountains and having the feel of travel movies! Hence life is a 5 letter word(you guessed it right!)

Well Intuition, it’s a way of your brain telling you when something is wrong. Human brain is the most powerful object present on Earth till date (Not counting Area 51 and Trump’s luck. And you never know when those aliens decide to show up). Some say it’s our soul speaking to us, some think it’s God. I say it’s our superpower to make ourselves believe in us. Before trusting anybody, we need to trust ourselves. Intuition is a way of telling us when we are going south, taking that turn in our life from where we never find our way back or that particular moment when you felt you are in the wrong place the whole time.
Fear and Intuition: Sometimes we meet people within seconds we know this is for a lifetime, sometimes the people we know for a lifetime aren’t supposed to be. Now we can’t exaggerate it and mistake our fear as intuition.( Now I am not talking about Final Destination?) You what I am talking about, when you have that one step which you can’t take because you think “escaping” is what your gut is telling you to do. Well that’s not it! Drink some Mountain Dew and don’t blame in on your guts, have some guts. That’s fear, face it today or else it gets bigger. ( like that little belly fat we hide under our jeans.)

Intuition and Values: (When Men invented Hell and Heaven just to keep themselves in check) Most of the time in my life, as an Indian daughter, I always think about what people will say then think about what I want. Our values are what defines us, but it can not change the person we are. Because it’s biased.( May be hundred aunties just frowned at me right now). It’s true, you know something is right then it IS right. After all “right” itself is relative. Otherwise Subash Ch. Bose would have never fought against the British or with his own Indians. Queen Victoria would have just stopped driving because the society frowned upon it, she wouldn’t have been one of the most kick-ass, most powerful women on the planet. Malala would have stopped going to school and not win a Novel prize, thinking what Chachi ki behen ki saheli ki kaki will say. That’s not value, its what we are taught to think about and to filter our dreams. Intuition is doing what your inner self tells you to do. (Does not matter how cheesy that sounds :P) But there’s again a catch there. Guess what?

Intuitions lead to crimes, thefts, murders and many taboo words? It’s not intuition. It’s the affect of letting yourself go through the torture and pain which made you that way. Repressing the anger, not doing things to fight back and finally it kicks in. ( Just like the bottle of soda after been shaken too hard). That’s where you need Intuition. For doing what’s right. That’s how we won wars for hundreds of years, thats how Obama became the president. That little boy who followed his dreams, did what’s right what he felt was right. (Good Vibes right?)

Intuition: That one line definition, this one word can change our life, hundreds of lives and even history of the world. ❤️


Fight like a Girl!

Be brave enough to be a Woman!
Don’t tell someone be more like a Man! Don’t raise your girls as boys! Raise them as girls! Ask them to fight like girls! No need to be ashamed of feminism!
Embrace it with kindest of hearts and bravest of souls!
It’s not about equality, it’s about being proud to be a woman.
Most fiercest of women can take down the world in stilettos.
Stop shaming other women for being women!
Feminism is for brave!

Happy women’s day!

Pursuit of happiness

Now, let me talk and I might sound like your Mom initially, later like the old man’s voice in typical movies. Well, Drop the phones, Look around don’t make yourself lose everything, just to live a dream which is not yours. Wear your traveling shoes pack a bag and go for the trip, or have that perfect coffee, read that book or watch the cheesiest of shows. Do I sound like full-load-crap-typical life changing movie yet?

Pursuing happiness is the worst form of art we practice to miss out on our lives and to unknowingly walk towards a perfect picture we believe exists. One perk though, you might end up being freakishly rich. But when you stand at the exact place in picture of mountains you showed to friend, 10 years back, you would be happy thinking of that exact memory and the friend. As we all know how planned trips go, Life is nothing different.

Now how did I reach here? Well,

Just walking through the half drenched pathways, trying not to fall (only people who know my clumsiness will know), I looked across the field. I realized how often I look at those distant green fields unknowingly. Reminds me of freedom, how strange. Suddenly stumbled upon ‘nothing’, and now I know why I am clumsy. It’s because of living somewhere, well the point is, not so long ago, about last year New year’s, my motto was “Live in the moment” and you know how those things go. Came back to oh-so-tidy room, feeling completely jobless, not going to the Gym because exams are next week, not eating those creamiest of edibleness because of I am not going to the gym, watching those series and when it’s over I feel guilty of wasting my time, eating random food alot of it, still starving and within an hour repeat.

So basically, I was clueless. Looked at my windows which I never opened, since I moved in. Reason, I never had time. Basically 8months back all I wanted was my room, one cup of coffee and a book or binging series. But right now, it’s just a distant happiness I don’t even have time to pursue anymore. We don’t do things we are happy doing. 90% of things that we do, is to get the exact picture of happiness we create ourselves, which we might get in the future. We look at hundreds of things with the eyes filled with happiness, we never realize it. That may be the cute puppies in winter, a window we see everyday and always wondered what’s on the other side, the happiness that we get when we actually have a Goodnight’s sleep, unplanned night out with friends, the one risk we didn’t take, the guy we should have punched, the one we should have hold on to, trips we say no to, talking to the loner sitting across the room but we never bothered, one hour of running so to have guilt-free-carbs. People who we actually should be friends with, Everytime we see those people we know the frequency would hit it off , like the songs of Bruno Mars. The happiness that we get when you overhear the Harry Potter music or “I will be there for you” or the Simple Plan/Green day song, They just make you happy. We are the 90’s kids, the idea of happiness for us can never change. But again, May be that’s just growing up, seriously not giving you any crap about that, we just tend not to trust people, be little selfish just to protect ourselves, think about the future, settle down for things, let the world define our clothes, the air we breathe, our typical jobs, our sleep and worst is our food and body. I just can’t stop thinking about the dialogue in Queen, being the best version of yourself, may be is not being the best one in front of everyone’s eyes and trying to fit in till we die. I mean come on! There’s the exact space for you somewhere why do you need to fit in somewhere you don’t belong. Rather go ahead and ask for leg space! First we occupy someone else’s place, then we say we aren’t happy and settling down, I mean you are unhappy because you want to be that.

Reminded me of the tackiest dialogue I heard, in one of the most typical 90’s Hollywood movies. Never made sense till now “Every person have the exact amount of unhappiness they choose, just to make someone else happy. And to feel like a saint about it”

We let people tell us what we are and where we belong, worst is that we believe it. We may have hundreds of clothes, but that one-perfect-jeans is all we want. Or may be we want 💯 shoes, because we are giving up everything else and replace it with nice clothes. Healthy way to fill the emptiness 😛 That’s the reason we replace everything around us, just to make sure we aren’t missing out on anything. But we are, missing out on the exact things which we want.

Go listen, Dream dreams noone else can see by Bryan Adams, feel content for 5mins. And carry on with the heavy traffic. Because 90’s are gone. There you go 😛

Disclaimer : Just a twenty-something girl. Rumor has it, mid-twenties are worse than teenage.

Blog Challenge, passing on to Sanskruti Panigrahi, what do you think of Pursuit of Happiness? May the power be with you.

Expectations. .

Doubts kill more dream than failures do..


When someone asks the questions, who are typical MBA aspirants? Quintessential answer would be Engineers working in an IT firm. Crowd being the ascendency, we are insubstantial to think any different. We try to quell the nihilist. Having said that, I am not lofty, I am right in the middle of the crowd (not holding the yellow umbrella ;)), on a venture to be a bignig in shindig, promulgate my career, in the slugfest to add digits on the payslip. But, I want to learn to be in the middle of crowd,gibing through towards shore,waving at frenzy person sailing against the tide to build our own ship. Expectations from a bschool is often quite materialistic. And I am terrified if I will survive, if i do i expect it won’t be remnant, rather it’s be wringing knowledge to lead with potential of business Spartan. I expect to learn to be culpable, to make my mistakes a miracle. I expect to be leader who leads hoisted and billowing Indian business, in culminating India or I might end up with bankruptcy 😉 (after all it took great depression, world wars to create biggest economies in the world). Being an MBA aspirant I expect to enshrine my knowledge, to be the protuberance in crowd who dared to dream big.