The Voice called Intuition! ❤️

The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

So, that’s intuition? Isn’t it? A hunch, a feeling in one’s bones or sometimes it’s called suspicion. Some say it’s more powerful than intellect. It’s comes more inner self.

Why I am writing this? Because I needed to let it out myself, believe it myself so that I can follow my intuition? Mostly because I supposed to be in Northeast mountains and having the feel of travel movies! Hence life is a 5 letter word(you guessed it right!)

Well Intuition, it’s a way of your brain telling you when something is wrong. Human brain is the most powerful object present on Earth till date (Not counting Area 51 and Trump’s luck. And you never know when those aliens decide to show up). Some say it’s our soul speaking to us, some think it’s God. I say it’s our superpower to make ourselves believe in us. Before trusting anybody, we need to trust ourselves. Intuition is a way of telling us when we are going south, taking that turn in our life from where we never find our way back or that particular moment when you felt you are in the wrong place the whole time.
Fear and Intuition: Sometimes we meet people within seconds we know this is for a lifetime, sometimes the people we know for a lifetime aren’t supposed to be. Now we can’t exaggerate it and mistake our fear as intuition.( Now I am not talking about Final Destination?) You what I am talking about, when you have that one step which you can’t take because you think “escaping” is what your gut is telling you to do. Well that’s not it! Drink some Mountain Dew and don’t blame in on your guts, have some guts. That’s fear, face it today or else it gets bigger. ( like that little belly fat we hide under our jeans.)

Intuition and Values: (When Men invented Hell and Heaven just to keep themselves in check) Most of the time in my life, as an Indian daughter, I always think about what people will say then think about what I want. Our values are what defines us, but it can not change the person we are. Because it’s biased.( May be hundred aunties just frowned at me right now). It’s true, you know something is right then it IS right. After all “right” itself is relative. Otherwise Subash Ch. Bose would have never fought against the British or with his own Indians. Queen Victoria would have just stopped driving because the society frowned upon it, she wouldn’t have been one of the most kick-ass, most powerful women on the planet. Malala would have stopped going to school and not win a Novel prize, thinking what Chachi ki behen ki saheli ki kaki will say. That’s not value, its what we are taught to think about and to filter our dreams. Intuition is doing what your inner self tells you to do. (Does not matter how cheesy that sounds :P) But there’s again a catch there. Guess what?

Intuitions lead to crimes, thefts, murders and many taboo words? It’s not intuition. It’s the affect of letting yourself go through the torture and pain which made you that way. Repressing the anger, not doing things to fight back and finally it kicks in. ( Just like the bottle of soda after been shaken too hard). That’s where you need Intuition. For doing what’s right. That’s how we won wars for hundreds of years, thats how Obama became the president. That little boy who followed his dreams, did what’s right what he felt was right. (Good Vibes right?)

Intuition: That one line definition, this one word can change our life, hundreds of lives and even history of the world. ❤️


Not all Superheroes wear Capes

The old adage “To be entirely free of impact of law and totally be dominated at the same time, human has to follow the law” convey an perfect ambiguous message. The knee jerk reaction of human is to sail against tide, to fight the realm and the law. Even if laws were created in order to create a safe haven for human, to our dismay it defined a line between right and wrong. And placed some lionhearted shields to protect it and us from destroying peace, so as they call, and name them Soldiers and Police Force. 

The courageous acts of the soldiers and police men are beyond our praise or appreciation, may it be the night patrols letting us have warms beds or the sound of the siren echoing in the minds of criminals wandering in dark. The color of khaki brings out our true morals, reminds us law. We defined gentlemen-ship, but the only way to not be one was stopped by the red lights, badges of the soldiers, In their courage there is hope and fear which made us act human. May that be the firm hand of a traffic police stopping the crowd from crossing the red light, or the handcuffs that locked gregarious criminals. Evil is just below the hearts of civilization, these uniforms placate the frenzies beneath us. The badges, guns and the uniform walking with fearless hearts and echos of siren bring shivers before we cross line of law. Yes, we are gentlemen because of the lions in uniforms roaring in the name of the black lady with the balance and sword.

Morals, come from such that they hold authority over our actions, which we as humans are supposed to inherit. But the social and cultural impact define our morals. The rationalization of what should we do, never stopped us from creating chaos.(If it did, i think we would still be walking with four legs :P). No one can deny the pleasure we find in breaking laws to some extent, even though those were created to keep us alive. Obvious examples are wearing helmet and fastening seat belts, peevish laws is it?. Thousands of people would have died if not for us to fear those khakis and uniforms standing with fierce persona. The Corruption, murders, bank robbing, rapes and what not disarrayed behavior were stymied not because of the penal codes, rather cause of lathis and guns in holsters. The fear of them controlled our actions not the thought of doing wrong.Yet some people may defer from the concept, as they believe that reinforcing laws defined crimes which created criminals.